Take Charge and Zombie Resistance Training: Code of the Street-informed Curriculum Modules

As Pre-Employment Transition Services curriculum modules

Take Charge: Job Finding and Employment Soft Skills Training for Life Planning and Self-Determination

Take Charge takes for granted it is as important to motivate and inspire stu-
dents to value working (and for more than as means to income) as it is to
inform about how to do well as an employee. The eight module,  highly visual,
media-savvy Take Charge curriculum presents employment as a daily oppor-
tunity to invest One Day’s Worth of Best Effort in building one’s own Best
Possible Personal Future and the daily hassles and challenges to that goal
as critical training in self-determination and the practice of personal power.

Take Charge teaches 14 transition skills over 8 module with topics including:
Personal professionalism in dress | How appropriate communication styles differ with family, work peers and supervisors | Cyber-safety and social media no-nos| How to build work experience for a CV without a job | Job hunting strategies | Interviewing strategies and mock interviews | Role playing managing difficult peer and supervisor interactions

Zombie Resistance Training:   Employment-related Emotional Self –Regulation, Adversarial Interaction Management, and Anti-bullying Training

Zombie Resistance Training’s operational definition of self-advocacy: The ability to know what one’s own best interest really is in a given situation and how to best to articulate, assert and act to promote that self-interest.

“Zombies” in ZRT are negative influences, whether inside our own heads or adversaries, real, potential or perceived, in our environments, that trigger reactive behavior that is not in our own best interest. Self-advocacy regarding one’s disability, including self-disclosure to an employer when necessary, is infrequent enough to be hard to practice for.

As adversarial, anger-triggering interactions, including bullying, are not rare so ZRT teaches how to use these as excellent opportunities to practice effective self-advocacy for less frequent, more consequential occasions.

ZRT teaches 6 Self-advocacy Concepts and 7 Self-advocacy Skills over 4 modules

Zombie Resistance Training:   as anger management and anti-bullying training  – compared to conventional approaches